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Who We Are

Dependable Home Health Care in Texas

We will determine the ideal service that perfectly meets your needs and expectations.

We believe that home health care services are an essential part of the healthcare delivery system. By providing continuing care to clients in their own homes, home health services minimize the effects of illness, accident, or disability.

women facing a senior man in a wheelchair with a smile

  • We know the intrinsic worth of aged, diseased and/or disabled persons. We believe the contributions of these persons are no less important than the contributions of other members of our society. Higher Standards recognizes that all people are entitled to retain or regain their maximum participation in society.
  • We appreciate that the aging process is an unavoidable part of life and understanding the chronic diseases and disabilities may be part of that process.
  • In providing care to individuals, we know that clients and families have inalienable rights for self-determination. They have the right to participate in planning for their care, to make decisions about their health, and to maintain their independence as long as possible.
  • Higher Standards considers health education as an integral part of our client training program.
  • We feel that staff behavior, attitudes, knowledge, and understanding have an important influence on helping clients attain and maintain their optimum health.

We are committed to providing a higher standard of a rehabilitation to the aged, diseased and/or disabled individuals within the structure of their home environments, allowing maximum contribution, independence, and retention of self-respect.

The founders of Higher Standards Home Health had a family member who had to have a total hip replacement and also had Alzheimer’s Disease. The family was unable to find a home health care company that was able to provide adequate care and compassion that met their high standards. Because of this, they set out to build an agency like no other.

Higher Standards Home Health was established with the purpose of bringing quality and specialized services to patients within our community.

portrait of a senior and young womenOur employees are dedicated to providing a humane, compassionate care for their patients. The skilled and registered nurses provide patients with all types of assistance in their daily routines such as injections, wound cleaning, flushing, infusions, care of urinary catheters, glucose monitoring – all types of medical-related issues. Our Nursing Assistants and Home Health Aides are registered with the state of Texas and provide patients with services such as bathing, personal hygiene, meals, medication management, shopping, and minor housework.

All of this combined with our professional physical, occupational, speech, and respiratory therapies, form a well-rounded resource which is able to address all of the patient needs and doctors’ requirements.