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How We Serve You

How We Offer Home Health Care Services in Dallas, TX

We will determine the ideal service that perfectly meets your needs and expectations.

doctor helping senior patient with physical therapy routine

  • We work with your doctor, starting with the doctor’s orders to evaluate and assess your condition.
  • Together, we develop a plan of care customized to your needs.
  • We begin with a skilled nursing treatment or therapy in your home with you at your convenience.
  • We set goals for positive outcomes and healing.
  • We evaluate throughout the program and make sure we achieve our goals.
  • We maintain a communication with your doctor for updates and status until you are all better.
  • We will file all claims to Medicare on your behalf so you are not bothered with confusing paperwork. You will receive statements from Medicare documenting our treatment plan.
  • Our home health care services in Dallas, Texas are covered benefits provided by Medicare and is free to the beneficiary.