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Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy in Texas

Do you have issues with your language, communication, swallowing functions? Our speech-language pathologists can help.

portrait of joyful mature couple gossiping togetherOur Speech Therapy program specializes in the treatment of speech and language disorders, as well as swallowing disorders. Your speech-language pathologist will evaluate your current abilities while you stay at home, and design a program that you and your family members will use to assist you in improving your function in these areas.

We have very strict standards that our speech therapists must adhere to. In order to be employed by our agency we require the following:


  • Meets the education and experience requirements for Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC) in speech pathology and audiology.
  • Has a current license as a Speech-Language Therapist in the state of Texas.
  • Current CPR certification.
  • Demonstrates strong verbal and written communication skills and exceptional interpersonal skills.

Functional areas of responsibility:

  • Performs speech therapy assessments, diagnostic tests, skilled treatments and ongoing evaluation for clients who are receiving services under a medically approved Plan of Care.
  • Performs comprehensive assessments including OASIS data sets within 48 hours of referral for speech therapy.
  • Develops a speech therapy plan that identifies functional speech defects or swallowing difficulty and is directed toward improving client function.
  • Reviews and updates the care plan based on client need.
  • Communicates plans and changes to the physician and to the designated nursing staff through the care plan, written progress notes, and participation in care conferences.
  • Implements teaching appropriate to the client’s needs and abilities, and evaluates the effectiveness of the plan.
  • Develops care plan guidelines for other members of the team to support client goals.
  • Participates in interdisciplinary activities.
  • Attends client care conferences as needed to provide information to other members of the team.
  • Participates in the agency quality improvement activities and utilizes outcome reports as a basis for improvement.
  • Participates in the ongoing clinical record review committee.
  • Participates in continuing education programs related to speech therapy.