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Nutrition Consultants

Nutrition Consultants in Texas

Our dietitians will guide the rest of the team members of your daily nutritional intake.

senior man in discussion with health visitor at homeOur Nutrition Consultants is composed of highly skilled doctors and nurses who provide education to clients and family members in the areas of nutrition, special programs, and meal planning.

We have very strict standards that our nutrition consultants must adhere to. In order to be employed by our agency we require the following:


  • Current knowledge in dietary management of the elderly, ill, and therapeutic diets.
  • Demonstrated ability to follow a written Plan of Care.
  • Demonstrates strong verbal and written communication skills and exceptional interpersonal skills.
  • Knowledge of community resources for nutritional guidance and support.

Functional areas of responsibility:

  • Recommend dietary modifications appropriate to the client’s medical plan and the client’s cultural and personal preferences.
  • Teaches and clarifies complex dietary regimes for clients and families.
  • Document findings, interventions, and plans in the clinical record.
  • Inform and educate clients of community resources available.
  • Present educational programs in identified areas of nutrition and dietary management.